After starting an IDEaaS Session with Siemens TIA Portal I get the message "License "Step 7 Professional" was not found". What should I do?

In this case the most likely reason is that you linked a license to this project that does not cover all requirements/modules the project uses. You can link a different license to the project via the options menu for the project and choosing "Licenses management". Here you will see a selection of all licenses you have uploaded.

To make the changes effective you have to close the open IDEaaS session (in case it is still open) and open a new one afterwards.

In case you are sure that you linked the correct license, please open an IDEaaS session and click on the application icon in the top left corner. There you can choose "Siemens Automation License Manager". Please check that the correct license is available in the Automation License Manager inside the SDA License Drive. In case the license is not there or it is not the correct one, please get in touch with the SDA team.

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