Version 2 of the connectivity service was published to expand the capabilities of SDA's remote services. For instance, it enables remote connectivity to Beckhoff PLCs and enables to use the latest encryption features when remotely connecting to Siemens PLCs.

Version 2 of the connectivity service is currently in private preview. Please get in touch with SDA if you want access to this service.

Solution architecture

The SDA connectivity service is based on a local edge device on which the SDA connectivity client is installed. This device needs to be placed in the on premise customer network and it needs to be able to communicate with the automation devices (e.g., PLCs) which the customer wants to access via the SDA platform. The device can be an existing device that fulfils the hardware and software requirements.

How it works

Version 2 of the connectivity service uses MQTT for base communication between the gateways and the SDA cloud. To access the OT devices on request a customised Wireguard VPN tunnel running on TCP port 443 (https) is opened temporarily. Wireguard uses the state-of-the-art ChaCha20 encryption method (see also https://www.wireguard.com/protocol/).

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