PLC Management and Code Versioning platform

Overview of SDA PLC Ops and Version Lite/Pro

SDA PLC Ops offers a variety of different modules:

Automation engineers can store and version their PLC projects in the SDA solution (Version Lite) incl. a project viewer to visualize changes between different versions (Version Pro).

SDA offers its own connectivity service that can be installed on existing IoT Gateways on the edge to enable connectivity to devices (e.g., PLCs) from the SDA solution. SDA services such as IDEaaS and automated deployment (see below) use this connectivity service.

Automation engineering development environments (e.g., Siemens TIA Portal) can be streamed in the browser incl. access to the PLC and integrated project versioning. Customers need to bring their own license (BYOL model).

SDA offers an automated deployment service that allows to deploy readily prepared PLC projects to the PLC w/o the need to open the corresponding vendor-specific IDE.

Automation engineering admins can creating and delete tenant accounts, invite additional users and manage service subscriptions including billing, invoicing, and payments.

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