Inviting console users

This article explains the invitation of users of roles "User" and "Admin"

You can invite additional console users to your tenant account to e.g., jointly manage PLC Twins, or to collaborate on automation projects via SDA Version Lite or Version Pro.

Console users can have the following roles:



Has the same level of permissions as the original tenant admin, incl. the access to User Management, Subscription Plans, Billing, Account Deletion, etc.


  • Per default no access to User Management, Subscription Plans, and Billing, Account Deletion

  • Permission-based access to Controls (PLCs), Projects, etc.

  • To invite additional console users, please navigate to User Management in the left pane.

  • In the User Management view...

  • "+" in the upper right part and enter the relevant details in the dialog (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Role, and Company)

Invite "User" role console users:

  • Choose role "User" and click "Next"

  • In the "Permissions" view, navigate to the tab "Controls" to choose permissions with respect to all available PLCs; navigate to the tab "Projects" to choose permissions with respect to available project

  • To make permissions temporary, please click the "clock" icon

  • Choose the date and time (hour and minute) for permissions to expire and hit "Apply"

  • To apply a certain permission for all objects in this tab, please select "Apply to all"

Note that after permissions expire, they default to "No permission".

Learn more about permissions and how to manage them, please go to:

pageUnderstanding permissionspageManaging permissions
  • To finalise the "User" invitation, please click "Save"

An email will be sent to the new console user. See the following page for more detail:

pageReceiving a console invite

Invite "Admin" role console users:

  • To finalize the "Admin" invitation, please click "Save"

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