Missing resources

We are scaling up streaming resources according to the demand. It can happen, that there are no streaming resource available temporarily. In case this happens, new streaming resources need to be created, which can take up to 5 minutes.

Additional Info: After a user is done using IDE-as-a-Service, the streaming instance gets fully deleted to ensure data privacy and data isolation.

No 2 users will ever use the same streaming resource!

If you ever see the error message below, please try starting IDE-as-a-Service again in around 5 minutes.

Missing GSD files in a TIA project

Sometimes a TIA Archive file (*.zap*) does not contain all required GSD files for the project to open and work with. In that case you can manually upload those missing GSD files to your IDEaaS session. There are two options how to do that in SDA. Either you upload the GSD file in a running IDEaaS or for a project.

Option 1: Upload GSD files during a running IDEaaS session

Navigate to the "My Files" icon on the top left of the screen. This will open a file explorer window which allows the upload and download of resources. Upload the missing GSD file to the "Temporary Files" folder.

After that please navigate in TIA to "Options" -> "Manage general station description files (GSD)". Here you need to target the source path to "Temporary Files" and can select and install the uploaded GSD file. The GSD file will be available for this project in all subsequent sessions.

Option 2: Upload of GSD files for a project in SDA

It is also possible to add a GSD file to a project outside of IDEaaS. Navigate to the project for which you would like to add a GSD file (the process in PLC Ops and Version Pro is the same). Navigate to the settings of the project and click on "Add GSD file"

In the upload mask you can upload one or multiple GSD files at once. Supported GSD file formats are *.gsd, *.xml and *.bmp. Finish the process by starting the upload process. On top of the screen appears a green message as soon as the the GSD files were added to your project.

You can see that a new project version has been automatically generated with the source "Integration of GSD file". You can now continue to work with the new project version in SDA.

Note: The GSD file will be only added for the latest project version. Please repeat the process for other versions if required.

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