Directly deploying your projects

Option to directly deploy your project to a connected PLC.

In the PLC Ops Console, after uploading a project to a created control, you are able to deploy your project directly to a connected PLC. Just click '"Deploy" in the "Projects" view.

You will be prompted with deployment settings. You have the following options:

  • Operation mode after deployment: Select if the PLC should be in the Stop or Run mode after deployment.

  • SW / HW deployment: Choose whether only the hardware, or only the software, or the hardware and software configuration should get downloaded.

  • Deployment of full project or only changed modules: Choose whether the full project or only the modules which differ to the installed version should get downloaded. Deploying the full project will stop the CPU.

Your projects will be compiled by the respective IDEs in the SDA backend before being deployed to the PLC. A pre-requisite for direct deploy is established connectivity to your PLC via a Gateway Please refer to the following pages to establish connectivity:

pageHow to setup and manage gatewayspageHow to set up and manage controls

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