Actions with 2 Factor Authentication (preview)

This feature is currently in preview and requires additional confirmation before performing critical actions.

This feature requires 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for critical actions (Start IDEaaS, Approve Deployment Requests and Execute Deployments) and can be enabled for the company, by the company/tenant OWNER role in SDA.

Click on the users Profile on the header -> Click on Manage Company

On the Manage Company Dialog the OWNER can enable or disable the 2 Factor Access, and choose between Email, Authenticator App or both methods.

Once enabled, all users will be requested to enter a confirmation code before starting IDEaaS sessions, Approving deployment requests and Executing approved deployments.

If the user has MFA enabled (Authenticator App) this will be the default method requested, otherwise the email method will be used.

Approving Deployment Request with 2 Factor Authentication

One additional step is added for approving Deployment Requests (click continue to proceed).

By continuing the user enters his MFA code to approve, or if MFA is not configured for the user, he will receive a code on his email, valid for 2 minutes.

If the code is validated the action is executed.

How to enable MFA for the user?

Go to User Profile on the Header -> Click on User Profile

Change the switch MFA disabled to enabled it, and follow the instructions to configure your Authenticator app.

For users with MFA enabled, the code will also be requested on sign in. For Active Directory users the code will be used only for actions within the Console, with no impact on sign in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if I do not want to use a third-party Authenticator App?

You can still use the email method. You will receive a code via email valid for 2 minutes

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