Configuring automated PLC backups

For PLCs connected to the SDA Console via the SDA Connectivity Service an automated backup can be scheduled.

Supported PLC vendors: Please see the supported automation technology section.

To activate the backup for a supported PLC, please navigate to the devices view in the SDA Console, select the corresponding PLC and choose the tab "Control Configuration".

Locate the "PLC Code Backup" section. Here you can activate the automated PLC Code Backup.

If you enable the backup, you can choose between multiple options to which project in the SDA Console the backup job should be linked to. The backup service will compare the deployed project to the linked project. In case it is different, it will create a new version for this project.

Note that not all shown options may be available for all PLC vendors

In addition, you can choose a time and the week days when the backup job shall run automatically.

You can also enable notifications such that selected users of your account are informed in case of different events: (a) The backup job detected an updated version on the PLC, (b) the backup job did run successfully and (c) a notification every time the backup ran successfully.

Note that you can also add external email addresses specifically for this backup job (see botton next to column header "Email").

If you configure the backup for the first time, it will conduct one initial backup run immediately after you configured it. During the backup, the progress screen will look like shown below.

After the initial backup run, you can also trigger a manual backup at any time from the SDA Console via the button "Check manually".

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