SSO via Azure Active Directory

This page describes how to set up Single Sign-on via Azure Active Directory.

If you are an Enterprise Customer, please contact for SDA to prepare the Azure AD integration.

SDA parameters you will need to set up SSO via Azure AD on your end are the following:

  • Entity ID: urn:amazon:cognito:sp:eu-west-1_2ZSzPyYus

  • Reply URL:

  • Sign on URL:

  • Relay State:

  • Logout URL:

SDA will need the following SAML attributes:

These attributes should be shared with your SDA contact via an XML "Metadata" document using UTF-8 character set.

Note on User Groups: There are 2 groups in SDA - Administrators (sda-administrators) and Users (sda-users). If a person is part of the admin group, the person will be an Administrator in SDA, otherwise a User.

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